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Could A Diet High in Protein Improve Your Oral Health?

Could A Diet High in Protein Improve Your Oral Health?

16 June 2015 / Category: Dental Hygiene, Diet

Today I have great news for fellow carnivores. There is a recently published study in PLOS One, a peer reviewed journal, that reports the amino acid L-arginine may help control biofilm. Biofilm is that sticky layer in your mouth formed by bacteria. It is a matrix of proteins, sugars, and other bacterial products. L-arginine is found in some varieties of fish, soy, nuts, and meat. An introduction of L-arginine to saliva in a laboratory study caused a reduction in gram negative bacteria and the volume of biofilm. Dental organizations have supported the notion of nutrition and diet’s impact on oral health and this study provides interesting insight into the biology of the mouth.

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