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People of Pompeii had Perfect Teeth!!

People of Pompeii had Perfect Teeth!!

3 November 2015 / Category: Dentistry, News, Press

In August, I took a trip to the different cities around the Mediteranean Sea. One of these destinations was Pompeii, an ancient Roman town near modern Naples. This town was destroyed and buried under 4-6 meters of ash during the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD. Recently though, CT scans of the remains of people, preserved in plaster casts from sites around Pompeii, suggest two things: 1) that the inhabitants of Pompeii may have been killed by falling masonry and other objects as opposed to being suffocated by ash. This finding supports an account from a well preserved letter where one source wrote that people tied pillows to their heads to protect themselves. 2)These scans also revealed that the citizens there had very good teeth, most likely due to a high fiber Mediterranean diet. The geography of the town also fortified these inhabitants with fluorine in the air and water, thereby fluoridating everyone’s teeth making them very strong. Scientists are continuing to study 3D scans and are learning more each day.

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