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Los Angeles Dentist Reviews

Los Angeles Dentist Reviews

If you’re looking for a good dentist in Los Angeles, take a look at these testimonials from our happy customers to help you decide. You can also see what others are saying on our Yelp page.

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  • Feel so fortunate to have found Dr. Truong. Great, easy going, kind, empathic, sweet, very intelligent, and not an alarmist. Takes pride in his work as a dentist and as an artist. Wonderful staff. Very pleased with the process and the results.Anna D.

  • The receptionist was very sweet and efficient, and my appointment started promptly. The examination rooms have very up-to-date technology, including large computer screens where the x-rays of your teeth are displayed immediately, and some type of electric cleaning device that takes the place of a lot of the scraping that usually accompanies a dental visit. Dr. Truong reviewed my x-rays with me, and then did the cleaning himself. He was very gentle but also very thorough. Before discussing the additional work that needed to be done on my teeth, he had the receptionist talk to my insurance company, and then we were able to go over what it would cost me. The knowledge that I won't receive a surprise bill from the insurance company or the dentist's office sometime in the future is very comforting (and, again, completely different than my last dentist's office). Overall a surprisingly pleasant experience, something I never thought I would say about going to the dentist!!C. Z.

  • Dr. Kevin Truoung is a great dentist, very reassuring.Daniel K.

  • Dr. Truong did the actual cleaning. I have never had a dentist spend so much one-on-one time with me. He cleaned my teeth really well, but did not hurt me or make my gums bleed. He had a hygienist in the room with him, but she mostly was there to suction my mouth. Top notch care! Also, I had to have a cavity filled, and I felt about as relaxed as possible. My dental insurance covered the x-rays, exam, cleaning, and part of the filling. Altogether I owed $80 for my portion of the filling, and they gave me a bill right there that gave a breakdown of the charges and what my insurance covered. Altogether a really good experience. I would really recommend Dr. Truong if you live in West LA or the vicinity.Danielle B.

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